Restaurant Facing Backlash For Uniforms Servers Wear

Kamloops just Thai dining establishment, Salajai, closed on April 28 however the brand-new restaurant relocating to fill its location will use a lot more special dining experience.

Teenie Swimwear Restaurant, slated to open May 25, will provide your basic pub-style menu. Yet as the name recommends, it’ll vary from other dining establishments aesthetically with a special gown code for front-of-house personnel.

All servers are needed to be swimsuit-clad.

” I had actually been thinking of it for a number of years,” states owner Leeann McArthur. “I had actually heard that there was a swimsuit coffee bar in the States and after that I understood there was absolutely nothing even like that in Alberta or B.C. So I simply chose to lastly do it.”

McArthur is initially from Edmonton where she ran a beauty parlor. Nevertheless, she invested her late teenagers in Kamloops and still has household in the city, so the relocation here to release her dream dining establishment simply made good sense.

Restaurant Facing Backlash For Uniforms Servers Wear

While she’s just been dealing with this restaurant for about 2 months, McArthur states it has actually come together with relative ease since the previous owners of 542 Tranquille Rd. kept the location in “remarkable shape.” She’s likewise keeping the previous Salajai cooks as part of her personnel, so that part of the hiring is done.

When it comes to her wait personnel, McArthur is still aiming to work with more females however states she’s had an excellent action to her task advertisement up until now. She keeps in mind that she is rather versatile on the gown code, however is eventually still attempting to stick to a style.

” Clearly, it is a swimwear dining establishment, that’s the entire idea, so I would choose that they use swimwears,” states McArthur. “However I do provide the choice, if they simply wish to use a one-piece bathing fit, I’m totally great with that too.”

Having actually seen the success of dining establishments like Hooter’s, McArthur is positive this idea can work too, and interest a larger audience than simply males.

” Obviously, the more female clients we get the much better,” she states. “We desire it to be for everybody. We do not desire females to feel daunted, we motivate them to come.”

Regardless of some criticism, McArthur states she’s been overwhelmed with the quantity of individuals who have actually used trying to find a task with the restaurant.

“We have actually had numerous resumes sent out to us,” she states– almost 50 in 2 hours.

They are still in the procedure of painting and preparing to open by next weekend however McArthur states she’s currently preparing for some occasions and tasks for the summer season.

“I’m intending on two times a month the waitresses will wear typical clothing and we will have a kid’s karaoke night where households can bring their kids in and sing,” she states.

McArthur states she hopes throughout the summertime she will have the ability to return to the neighborhood by assisting the homeless in the location.

“Every couple weeks throughout the summertime we wish to have like a barbecue where we feed the homeless and provide a hamburger and a bottle of water,” she states.

McArthur states she is eagerly anticipating opening. The food will be pub-style and the restaurant will be open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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