Cat Has Sad Disease

Cat Has Sad Disease

Mathilda is a two-year old cat. She behaves like the typical two-year old cat, but she has a rare condition. Mathilda’s owners noticed that one of her eyes had started to enlarge shortly before her 1st birthday. However, her eye had returned to normal before her owners were able to take her to the vet.

Mathilda’s previous owners had been trying to reach out to her new family. Mathilda was born with a genetic condition that causes her eyes to enlarge. Two of Mathilda’s littermates also have the same genetic condition. The irises in her eyes become detached and causes her eyes to bulge out. This condition gives Mathilda an alien-like appearance. It also makes it difficult for Mathilda to see.

A veterinarian has performed eye surgery on Mathilda’s two siblings. Mathilda’s owners started a Gofundme page so that they can raise money for the surgery. The goal has already been met. Mathilda’s owners say that she seems to be very happy. She also has an instagram page, which has over 20,000 followers.

The veterinarian has stated glaucoma is likely the cause of Mathilda’s condition. This condition typically occurs in older cats, but Mathilda just happened to develop it while she was young.

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